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We have extensive experience in home building and therefore, we are also well versed in providing a wide variety of maintenance services to home and commercial properties. So, rather than having a “guy” for every maintenance repair that comes up, you know that you can count on and contact the team at Premium Projects for any service you require.

We can provide a one-call solution to all of your maintenance needs and offer the support you require when things don’t go as planned. Additionally, our highly skilled craftsmen get the job done right, and their work is backed by our business. So, you no longer have to worry about your handyman disappearing with your money and an unresolved problem when you work with Premium Projects. Learn more about some of the residential and commercial services we provide below.


Whether you are looking for the installation of new plumbing or drain or pipe servicing, we can help! Our technicians can provide timely service at an affordable price for your plumbing needs. If you have questions pertaining to a plumbing concern, please contact our team today!


If you are looking for electrical repairs or maintenance we can send one of our licensed professional electricians your way! Whether you need a light fixture replaced or a room rewired we can help with our quality residential and commercial electrical maintenance services.

Dry Wall

If you have water damage, holes in your drywall, or another drywall concern, you may need to hire a professional to provide drywall repair and/or maintenance. Functional drywall is an important element in maintaining the integrity of your home that should not go left unfixed. Most drywall concerns can be fixed quickly and efficiently if caught in time.


Framing can suffer from unexpected damage such as rot or shifting that can be detrimental to your home if not fixed in a timely manner. Our experienced team can assess and fix your framing concerns to assure that the integrity of home framing is maintained long term.

Baseboards and Trim

Have your baseboards been beaten up by your toddler or dog? Do you have a crack in your trim? We can help! Typically, we can help with these kinds of small repairs and maintenance projects quite quickly, and trust us when we say you will be overjoyed that you opted for a professional and not DIY.


The Premium Projects team provides a wide range of services when it comes to flooring maintenance including but not limited to sanding and finishing, replacement, tile and grout services, installation and repair. Have a flooring concern? Give us a call and we will do our best to help you out as soon as possible!


Do you need a fresh coat of paint? Painting is just one of the many extensive maintenance services we provide here at Premium Projects.

Looking for a different maintenance service? No problem! Contact us by phone or email today and we would be happy to see what we can do to help you with your concerns.

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